What is Mindfulness?


The working definition of mindfulness is purposefully being aware, in the present moment, without judgment. This means becoming aware of your internal environment - (your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations), and the external environment, without criticism or judgment. Mindfulness is an inherent quality that we all possess. Paying attention without judgment is a skill that can be learned and practiced so that we can better care for ourselves.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is paying attention to the full experience of eating and drinking, using all of the senses. We pay attention to all of the experiences both inside and outside of the body. “Where in the body do we feel hunger? Where in the body do we feel satisfaction? What does half full feel like, or three quarters full?” 

We pay attention to the mind and thoughts without judgment while eating or drinking. We notice when distractions arise, pulling the mind away from the full attention of eating. We bring an awareness to the impulse of reaching for the phone, checking email, or reading, and return to just eating.

We notice how eating affects our mood and how emotions like anxiety influence our eating. Slowly we regain the sense of ease and joy with eating that is an innate quality present at birth. Slowly old habits of eating and not paying attention begin to change. Simple, small steps lead to lasting change eating mindfully...one bite at a time.

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